Avoid the stress and start the Christmas season with self-care

Holistic health and wellness coach Tara Jackson, who is offering a free 31-day self-care challenge throughout December, talks about the benefits of a laid back Christmas full of love and self-care for your mind, body and soul 

December is all about Christmas and all that it has come to represent, or at least it seems that way when you live in one of the biggest cities in the western world.

This, for an introvert like myself, can feel a bit too much – overwhelming and even forced year after year.

Back in the days when I used to work full time in an office December was THE season for partying. Come December 1, I would typically eat and drink to my heart’s content, attend lots of office and social engagements, spend a LOT of money and be feeling so bloated and tired that I’d often stay in for New Year’s Eve.


I would then jump on the bandwagon of the typical January detox dieting to counteract how I’d been living throughout December.

Aside from the partying, there’s also a lot of pressure and expectation (whether self-induced or external) and life seems to get particularly hectic around Christmas. I find that a lot of people I know (me included, although less these days) cram in more social engagements than they have all year and feel they have to shop for people who they may not have even seen in months.


There’s also the natural desire to want to hibernate, which comes from the darker days (in the northern hemisphere) combined with tiredness as the year starts to draw to a close.

Now, don’t get me wrong there’s also a lot of magic and beauty around Christmas – generosity, love, sparkly lights (who doesn’t love them?), celebrating, coming together and sharing.

I know it’s a time of year that many love and look forward to, I love certain parts of it – the warmth, fun and being with people I love.

But there’s also a lot I personally find can be too much or that I don’t agree with – the over indulgence, consumerism (with Christmas advertising urging you to spend and consume as much as possible) and feelings of obligation to name a few.

This is usually followed by the feelings of guilt and general exhaustion that come after the season if and when you overdo it.


How about a December where you do things differently, where you allow for spaciousness, retreating and gentleness (without the guilt) – which actually are natural things for us to want to do in this month with the shortest days in the northern hemisphere?

How about a month where you honour the season of the year, but also take part in some of the kinder and more loving aspects of what Christmas is all about? How about a December where you don’t overdo it (whilst still enjoying it) and are kind and loving to yourself – body, mind and soul?

Take my free 31-day self-care challenge throughout December, to help you care for yourself, avoid the overwhelm, but also still feel love and compassion and super importantly, still have fun! It will include a daily email to your inbox with a simple tip or action to keep self-care at the forefront, so you aren’t feeling frazzled come January 1!


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