Get ready for Sober Clubbing 6 – a great night out with no booze!

It’s been nearly a year to the day since Sober Clubbing first opened up in Glasgow – and it’s set to return on 4 April!

The idea initially received a series of knock-backs from more than 20 venue owners in the city who rejected the concept taking place in their establishments.

The online voice of the general public also mocked and jeered the idea, with just a small minority supporting and welcoming the notion.

Sober Clubbing seemed doomed to fail before it started yet almost exactly one year later, the movement is growing in popularity.

In fact, Sober Clubbing 6 is set to take place on 4 April 2019 at Glasgow’s Arta in Merchant City.

Cacao Drinks

The bar staff are now well experienced in serving up fruit mocktails and non-alcoholic beer to keep clubbers fuelled for the night.

Yet organisers say that while there isn’t any alcohol and definately no drugs, this isn’t “some watered down function hall” event. This is “a full-on club night with DJs, MCs, and clean air of difference!

“No booze or other intoxicants. Just alcahol-free drinks and superfood cacao drinks in a night of Ecstatic Dance!”

Ecstatic Dance is a worldwide movement of conscious clubbing and raving in which clubbers are encouraged to let go and let the moment take over.

According to organisers, this free flow passionate partying is how tribalistic cultures all over the world dance, and how they have been dancing for centuries. They say it’s completely natural and part of our human ancestry. 

“It’s just people being people, getting naturally high on sound, rhythm and dance.”

They claim Sober Clubbing is a transformational experience which encourages clubbers to leave their social masks at the door in favour of authenticity and naturalness. Judgementalism and barriers of social differences are also said to be dissolved on the dancefloor.

With zero hangover and zero regrets, the feedback is repeatedly good, with people reporting feeling completely energised and inspired in their own life, creativity and relationships.

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