App launches to help Brits go vegan

The Vegan Society has launched the UK's first app to help people go vegan. It has released its free VeGuide app for Android and iOS devices after research showed half of Brits would consider becoming vegan with the right support. The launch also helps to mark The Vegan Society's 74th anniversary this World Vegan Month... Continue Reading →

Fake medicine warning after bogus drugs haul

The UK has seized more than £2 million of fake medicines and dermal fillers as part of an international crackdown People in the UK are being warned to be very careful when buying medicines online and to avoid self-diagnosis and self-medication. The caution comes from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) after more than 1... Continue Reading →

Microplastics found in human stools worldwide

Researchers monitored a group of participants from eight different countries and found that that every single stool sample tested positive for the presence of microplastic. Nine different types were identified New research has revealed today (Tuesday, 22 October) that microplastics have been found in the human food chain worldwide after particles made of polypropylene (PP),... Continue Reading →

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