Lynda Hamilton Parker

Publishing Editor

Lynda Hamilton Parker is an award-winning PR consultant, journalist, editor and publisher who specialises in helping health and wellbeing businesses tell their stories and get their messages across to the right people at the right time. She is also a columnist and writer for My Weekly magazine and available for other freelance and PR assignments. You can find her own website over at Health & Wellbeing PR.

Karen Gider

Beauty Editor

Karen Gider is the founder of Face Yoga Scotland, which inspires and encourages women to look and feel their natural best. Her mission is to help people ‘heal their face with their hands’ through Face Yoga, a modern-day facelift which can be achieved by working out and ultimately strengthening and toning the face and neck muscles. She is also a professional beauty therapist and qualified Dien Chan Zone Operator with the International Academy of Italian Facial Reflexology. Karen is available for workshops, online lessons and consultations and events throughout Scotland.

Pamela Spence MNIMH


Pamela Spence is a medical herbalist based at The Carrick Clinic in Prestwick and the Paisley Natural Therapy Centre. She has had her own BBC online series, is regularly spotted in print and is the sole herbal advisor to Twinings International. Pamela is available for consultations and expert commentary. Find out more at

Katrina Mather


Katrina Mather is a health educator and founder of award-winning The Body Toolkit Retreats, which are held at various stunning locations in Scotland, such as in the Highlands and at Cray House at the foothills of Glenshee in Perthshire. Her programmes share simple, yet powerful things we can all do to nourish our bodies, reduce stress and help ourselves to thrive.

Ali Cullen

Agony Aunt

Ali Cullen is a nutritional therapist who works with A.Vogel, which specialises in natural remedies and medicinal products made from freshly harvested plants.

Marie O’Neill


Marie O’Neill is a counsellor, celebrant and mindfulness coach, who specialises in health, wellbeing and personal development. She is based in Edinburgh where she offers one-to-one sessions, courses and workshops. Find out more at True Connection.

Scott Hutchison McDade


Scott Hutchison-McDade is a Zen yoga teacher and crystal & sound therapist. He is the founder of Positive Change Yoga, which offers yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, reido, and sound healing. Scott holds a series of yoga classes in Fife – at Dysart Community Hall and Mind & Body Studio in Kirkcaldy – as well as retreats and other events in Scotland and Portugal.

Kellie Macmillan


Kellie Macmillan is a Holistic Fitness expert and Wellbeing Coach based in the Scottish Trossachs. She teaches Seasonal Yoga, Nia Fitness, and Zumba in the North West of Scotland and also specialises in Pilates, Reiki and Angel Healing. Find out more at