Mindfulness & Meditation

  • How to deal with worries mindfully
    Psychologist, author and yoga and meditation teacher Jenny Light sheds light on dealing with worries and restoring inner calm. It can be challenging at times to touch base with any measure of calm. Worries intrude into our quiet moments as a loud barrage of jangled thoughts. Then you are like a little pebble skimming across … Read more
  • Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival to return in 2020
    Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival is set to return to the Assembly Rooms on 1ST and 2nd of February for another packed weekend of talks, classes and workshops to help us all lead healthier and happier lives. The festival will feature some of the biggest names in wellbeing, covering everything from plant-based diets, physical fitness and yoga, to menopause, mindfulness, mental health … Read more
  • Find your inner calm with this simple pranayama
    Magazine columnists and Zen yoga teacher Scott Hutchison-McDade shares a simple pranayama exercise for relaxation and wellbeing We live in a world full of stimulus with a constant barrage of phones ringing and alarms sounding. We often feel so consumed, living in a state of preputial alert. It’s absolutely exhausting and, over time, it can … Read more
  • How physical objects can help cement your meditation as a daily practise
    The latest scientific research has shown that connecting your meditation to a physical object strengthens your practice – a process otherwise known as ‘embodied cognition’. It’s though that this connection between your meditation and a tangible object serves as a daily reminder of your intention, thereby reinforcing your practice.  Having something you can see and … Read more
  • Download your free Positive Change Yoga meditation
    Mindfulness meditation is probably one of the most popular styles of meditation right now but there are others too, writes columnist Scott Hutchison McDade of Fife-based Positive Change Yoga, who has created a guided meditation specially for Holistic Scotland Magazine readers, which is available to download below Leading Zen yoga teacher Scott Hutchison-McDade The word … Read more
  • New colouring book reveals the beauty of pathology
    If you love adult colouring, you'll love this! The Royal College of Pathologists has launched Incredible You – a new colouring book to reveal the beauty of pathology. The Incredible You colouring book features a series of drawings based on real specimens, which reveal the vibrant and intricate patterns of life. Developed with scientist-turned-artist, Dr Lizzie Burns, Incredible You is designed … Read more
  • Scotland’s first silent retreat to take place this September
    Scotland's first silent retreat is set to take place in the heart of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park this September. It's being organised by author Lesley MacCulloch, who penned the book Live Your Sunshine – Be Your Light, under the auspices of Silent Retreats Scotland. According to Lesley, the retreat will focus on energy … Read more
  • Fife yoga teacher to bring Zen to homeless people on the streets of London
    Fife yoga teacher and Holistic Scotland Magazine columnist Scott Hutchison-McDade is set to embark on an all-night outdoor meditation on the streets of London to help raise awareness of the Rough Waking project, which brings Zen yoga and meditation to those who are confined, imprisoned or homeless. Scott, who is the founder of Dysart-based Positive … Read more
  • How yoga and meditation can support mental health
    Holistic Scotland Magazine columnist and Zen yoga teacher Scott Hutchison-McDade shares some self-care tips, along with his own personal experience of how yoga and meditation have helped him through the darkest days We live in a world where we’re often told to hide how we feel, hide our emotions and put on a brave face. … Read more
  • Meditation myths debunked!
    Forget everything you thought you knew about meditation… If you think meditating is all about mantras, lotus positions and long periods of concentration, think again. According to those-in-the-know, meditation can be super simple and there are styles to suit everyone, regardless how little time we have. The team behind MINDBODY, a top health and wellness … Read more
  • The modern meditation technique that will change your life for good
    Will Williams has taught thousands of everyday people to meditate with astounding results. Long term sufferers of debilitating conditions including insomnia, depression and anxiety have used Will’s unique form of Beeja meditation to transform their lives. Others have found a new sense of joy and fulfilment in their lives, and report becoming incredibly productive and … Read more
  • Spirituality could be good for your health
    Spirituality is good for your health, according to the Spiritual Companions Trust, which is launching a new, nationwide spiritual health programme at the Findhorn Foundation this week. The new Your Spiritual Health Programme is said to offer a simple, accessible way for anyone to enjoy spiritual health and will officially launch with a free taster … Read more
  • How to eat chocolate more mindfully and savour every moment
    Chocolate and Love, whose award-winning dark chocolate is organic, Fairtrade and ethically produced, shares its tips for achieving the ultimate chocolate tasting experience Place a piece of chocolate in the middle of your tongue and allow it to melt slowly. Coat your whole mouth with chocolate so all your taste buds are activated. If you … Read more
  • Mass meditation to bring 100 people together in Glasgow for 2018 Peace Day
    One-hundred people are expected to turn out at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall this Friday (21 September) for a Public Peace Meditation to mark the UN's International Day of Peace. They will gather at 12 noon to observe a one-minute silence before joining in a group meditation led by The Wee Retreat, which specialises in wellbeing … Read more