Make your own winter remedies to help you through cold and flu season

Health coach Suzy Glaskie of Peppermint Wellness shares her DIY tips


  • At the first sign of a scratchy throat, gargle with a drop of thyme essential oil in some water and take regular doses of echinacea and elderberry syrup or tincture. Nine times out of 10, it nips the cold virus in the bud.
  • It’s cheap and easy to make yourself an immune-boosting aromatherapy rollerball using essential oils, such as thyme, orange and clove, combined with a carrier oil. Just roll it on your wrists, neck and under your nose.
  • Get yourself a diffuser and add a few drops of lemon myrtle essential oil to the water to help zap airborne viruses.



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Amaranthine becomes Scotland’s first certified palm oil-free skincare company


A natural skincare company based in Edinburgh has become the first in Scotland to be certified palm oil-free.

Amaranthine, which is run by Sarah Rueger, is also the first skincare company in the world to receive a palm oil-free certification trademark. IMG_4343

Each of its 100% natural skincare products, which include facial oil, cleansing balms, face masks and lip balms, are handmade in Scotland using carefully chosen aromatherapy oil blends.

The brand has also recently been shortlisted in the 2018 Free From Skincare Awards for its Sweet Orange and Neroli-scented Body Creme.

Read Sarah’s story here



Make household cleaning greener with essential oils

Home cleaning products cause just as much air pollution as cars, according to new research – which suggests there’s never been a better time to revolutionise your home cleaning regime to make it greener, cleaner, safer and more affordable for your family.

With this in mind, we caught up with independent doTerra consultant Danielle Dryburgh of  Détente Therapies at one of her workshops to find out how cleaning with essential oils can help us achieve all these things.

Here are our top 5 take-aways from her brilliantly-informal Green Cleaning Using Essential Oils workshop:

1) It’s surprisingly easy to make your own home cleaning products – all you need are a few basic products, including a basic liquid soap, such as Dr Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Soap; tap water, and a few choice essential oils. To make an all-purpose cleaner ideal for a small spray bottle, just add a few drops of essential oil, a teaspoon of liquid soap and top up with water for a foamy, aromatic household grime-buster.

2) Oil doesn’t mix well with water so essential oils can be combined with liquid soap or coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and even vodka to help the binding process before topping up with tap water to make a range of everyday household cleaning products, from room fresheners and hand sanitiser to anti-odour sprays for sweaty trainers.

3) A little goes a long way. Often a few drops of essential oil are all you need for top notch cleaning power unless you are making a large litre bottle, which would need about 16 drops. Even then, once the mixture is prepared, it should last a while – making it more economical overall.

4) Use with caution. Essential oils are extremely potent and just because they are natural doesn’t mean they can’t cause harm. Always buy quality essential oils, such as doTerra, if you can. Some cheaper versions can contain carrier oils and even fillers such as turpentine.

5) Essential oils with antiseptic properties, such as Tea Tree and Lavender, which can prevent the growth of bacteria, are great for disinfecting bathrooms, while citrus oils such as lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange are great for cutting through kitchen grease and leaving a fresh household aroma.

To find out more about Danielle’s workshops, which range from green cleaning to how to tap into nature’s own medicine cabinet and run every week at Amy Gibb’s Therapy Centre in Kirkcaldy, visit the Facebook page.


Spring essentials – three oils to reawaken and stimulate your senses

Spring has finally sprung (or at least it’s supposed to have) and the world is slowly creeping back to life after the cold, grey winter. It’s time for fresh, new shoots to emerge; for wildlife to reawaken from its hibernative state, and for the leaves on the trees to turn green again. Hurrah, we hear you cry (in anticipation).
But nature isn’t getting to have all the fun. It’s also time to reawaken your own senses and reclaim the zing that’s been hiding beneath eucalyptus-infused tissues and multiple layers of woolly jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves.
If like us, however, you are still battling the winter snot-fest, your senses might need a bit of geeing up. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a round-up of some top-rated essential oil blends (recommended to us by those in-the-know) which are all rumoured to help give your senses a jolly good wake-up call.
We’ll be trying them all before the month’s out in a bid to Spring clean our senses and bid farewell to the tissues once and for all (or at least until the hayfever kicks in). Enjoy!
Madebyzen Botanicals Oils – No. 6 Seduction madebyzen Botanicals Oil - No6 Seduction - RRP £8.99, for stockists and more information, visit
Seduction is said to be a sumptuous combination of Patchouli, Jasmine and Rosemary – expertly blended with Sandalwood and Palmarosa to create a rejuvenating and relaxing fragrance to stimulate and tantalise the senses.
Po-Ho OilPo-Ho Oil by A.Vogel 
Now this one we have tried and it’s great for clearing the senses, not to mention the sinuses. It’s a heady blend of five different essential oils for inhalation, or can be rubbed on the chest when mixed with a carrier oil such as Grapeseed. Containing a mixture of peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper, carraway and fennel, it smells amazing and has a cooling effect on the airways, making it perfect for cold and flu sufferers. According to the experts, it can even help with hayfever.
Aromatherapy Cleanse Blend by Neals Yard Remedies 
This is another tried and tested essential oil blend and we love it. The Cleanse Aromatherapy Cleanse BlendAromatherapy Blend is an uplifting combination of black pepper, lemon and purifying palmarosa which can be used for inhalation, as well as in diffusers and burners. Not only does the oil make you feel invigorated, its fragrance epitomises cleanliness and is the ideal antedote to (or room fragrance for) a stuffy office or detox room.