Natural Remedies

How to understand your own pain before going to the GP

Many pain sufferers know that understanding and learning how to describe pain to the doctor can be difficult. That’s why it’s important you know as much about your pain as possible before heading to your GP, as this prevents repeat appointments and misdiagnosis. Tracking when the pain occurs, identifying triggers and learning how to describe […]

Health News

GPs miss two out of three cancers

When dealing with serious illness such as cancer, a correct and timely diagnosis is essential to enable patients the best possible chance of survival. Yet a study of more than 135,000 patients by Cancer Research UK found that one in four patients face delays of more than three months, while lung cancer diagnoses (without a […]

Health News

Dr Hilary Jones’ top tips for recognising hidden health risks

Conditions such as high blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes and osteoporosis can often develop without any symptoms. With that in mind, GP and health broadcaster Dr Hilary Jones shares his top tips for recognising other hidden health risks we shouldn’t ignore. Symptom: Having a sweet tooth Risks: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or underactive thyroid Researchers at […]