Eight ways to keep your fitness resolutions on track

Whether we openly admit to making New Year’s resolutions or not, most of us will at least make certain promises to ourselves at the turn of the year.

If one of your commitments is to get fit, lose weight, or shape up, these eight tips compiled by health and fitness website might just help you stay the course. 

Be realistic

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and complete health and wellness doesn’t happen overnight, so be realistic, and be patient. For most people, upending a lifetime of habits can’t happen at the click of the fingers. Long-term results are achieved through small, gradual changes, so rather than thinking that you want to get up and start running 5k every morning, work up to it slowly instead of jumping in at the deep end.

If you push too hard, you may find it difficult to maintain new habits and then you’ll end up giving up altogether.


Set small goals

By establishing small benchmarks – perhaps monthly – you’ll be able to maintain your motivation throughout the year. This will give you reason to celebrate small victories and help you realise that you’re moving towards a bigger goal, bit by bit.

Write it down

Instead of simply thinking to yourself “I want to lose weight” or “I want to run a marathon”, think how you’re going to get there. How do you get from point A to point B? When you’ve established what you need to do, day by day, week by week, (see point #2) make sure you write it down. Keeping a regular checklist and something material to refer back to will help solidify the task and keep you on track.

Talk about it

Don’t keep your resolution a secret! Talk to friends and family members who will be there to support you. Even better, it might help you find a buddy who shares your New Year’s resolutions so you can motivate each other.

Keep it fresh

No matter how and when you choose to move your body, it should be enjoyable and for the purpose of celebrating it, not punishing it. Hate the treadmill? Try a Zumba or Bar Method class. If you’re already going to the gym regularly but find it hard to stay motivated, try something new to revive your resolve and boost your fitness level.


Eat real foods

Regardless of your fitness goals, by making sure that your meals are made from fresh, whole, minimally processed ingredients, your body – and mind – is going to reap the benefits. And never, ever starve yourself. Restrictive eating slows down your metabolism and deprivation only leads to cravings and future binges.

Get your beauty sleep

You might not think that prioritizing quality shut-eye actually counts as a fitness resolution, but getting the right amount of sleep is crucial, especially for those with a more active lifestyle. So shut off your phone about an hour before you hit the hay, experiment with relaxing essentials oils, or try out a few soothing yoga poses to ease you into bed.

Reward yourself

Celebrate your successes by treating yourself to something you enjoy – but don’t overdo it. Most fitness fans will admit to having a cheat meal or two, but make sure you know when to draw the line. On the other hand, you could reward yourself with new fitness clothing, or by going to the cinema with a friend.


“According to the results of a YouGov poll released earlier this year, the two most popular resolutions made for 2018 were to eat better and exercise more,” says the team at

“We expect a similar trend this year – partly because so many people will have fallen off the bandwagon somewhere along the line.

“It’s not easy to overturn a lifetime of unhealthy habits, but by being realistic, eating real foods and getting your beauty sleep, you’ll have a far greater chance of sticking to your resolutions and achieving your goals this year.”




Already dreading New Year? How to make 2019 different from all the rest

Holistic Scotland Magazine columnist Leonie Gordon explains how we can set the start of 2019 apart and reset ourselves – from the comfort of our own homes

Are you already secretly dreading New Year and its resolutions, which you know you’ll break within weeks, or even days?

Are you ready for something different – to go deeper and break the cycle?

Towards the end of the year (every year), many of us turn (consciously or subconsciously) to reflecting on the past year’s successes and ‘failures’ and thinking about what we want for the year ahead.

We often use goals and New Year’s ‘resolutions’ to help us get to where we hope to be in the year ahead. And so often we have given up before we even begin.

But it’s time to reset the self-destruct button.

Leonie 1
Leonie Gordon

Wouldn’t you love to be able to have some space to retreat and be nurtured at this time of year instead, to allow the dust of 2018 to settle and your real dreams for 2019 to emerge naturally without all the heartache and effort?

And wouldn’t you love to be able to do that from the comfort of your own home with and to start now, with time to reflect on the past year, to let go of the ‘failures’ and celebrate the successes, in an online retreat designed to help you rediscover your energy, happiness and purpose, and to inspire you to shine your own unique light in the world?

Well, here is your chance to retreat in your own home over the next 50 days. Many years ago, I threw out New Year’s resolutions and, instead, started retreating, connecting in and creating my visions for the year ahead. That’s why, for the past five years, I’ve been supporting others to do the same in Aberdeenshire where I live.

So many people have said they would love to join in if only they lived closer to me and so this year I have created an online retreat.

This 50-day online retreat will gather an intimate circle of people who want to dive deep, loosen the grip of self-doubt and conditioning and connect into what they really long for to make 2019 their best year yet.



You will connect to your unique creative life source that fires your hopes and dreams. Our creative flow is not something we can all turn on and off. It is a space within ourselves that we have to connect to and that shows us the path we long to follow.

There is a story about Michelangelo when he was working on David. It’s said he sat in his studio for months looking at the giant piece of marble that would eventually become his masterpiece. After a time, his patrons came to him and said, “We hear you have stopped working!” to which he replied, “I have been working every day.”

We will be gathering, meditating, visioning, dreaming, sharing and nurturing your ability to connect in and provide yourself with space to tap into your natural curiosity and creativity and let your own truth emerge.

May all your dreams come true

It takes disciple to be a free-spirit and truly live your dreams… We will identify those practices that you find inspiring and create new practices to support your unique vision for the year ahead.

If you feel the longing don’t hesitate, the course starts as soon as you jump in.

Included with the 50-day online retreat is:

  • 5 x 1 1/2 hour in-depth coaching calls/webinars providing teaching, resources, tools and deeper experiential dives.

In between these calls, over the 50 days you will also receive:

  • An online community where you can share the journey.
  • Call recordings for those who could not attend live.
  • Inspirations to help you digest the teachings.
  • Extra audio tools offering shorter practices for ongoing use.
  • Journal prompts
  • Creative and visualisation tools to create your vision for 2019.

Dare to start dreaming now!