Everything you never knew about beetroot

In Season: The Beetroot (Beta Vulgaris) Resident blogger Megan Mclean reflects on beetroot's magical history  The beetroot, or “beet” as it's commonly referred to, is actually comprised of two different sections: the taproot which is the main body of the vegetable, and the beet greens which are the colourful leaves shooting out of the top... Continue Reading →

5 easy ways to give yourself more energy

We all know what it feels like to be exhausted, lacking energy and lethargic, now here's what to do about it! Dr Emma Derbyshire shares her tips for boosting energy levels: Care-free commute - many of us face at least an hour’s commute every day, often on public transport, with delays which do nothing for our... Continue Reading →

Popular diet myths exposed and debunked!

Dr Sally Norton, health and weight loss consultant surgeon, clears up some common misconceptions about the best ways to lose weight  MYTH #1 Dieting is the best way to lose weight  Research shows that when women, in particular, want to lose weight they turn to dieting. Unfortunately, research also shows that this is highly unlikely... Continue Reading →

What are sublingual supplements?

Water for Health shares the interesting backstory behind Frunutta, the Smaller Vitamin Company, whose sublingual tablets make it easier for those at risk of nutritional deficiencies, such as vegans, vegetarians and those with autism, to supplement their diets and stay healthy. Many companies have an interesting backstory, and Frunutta – the Smaller Vitamin Company –... Continue Reading →

Revealed: The perfect time to drink your coffee

Research into the nation’s coffee drinking habits has revealed that the UK is crazy about caffeine, with people drinking an average of three cups per day. Yet when it comes to drinking your first coffee of the day, it turns out that 82% of people have been doing it all wrong. The research by bed and sleep specialist Time 4 Sleep... Continue Reading →

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