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7 nutrition-based anti-ageing secrets

CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) Natural Chef and Nutritional Therapist Tasha D’Cruz shares her 7 secrets 1) Colourful vegetables offer vital nutrients, including antioxidants. Leafy greens, pumpkin and sweet potato strengthen immunity; berries, onions and legumes deter allergies and viruses; broccoli and cauliflower support the liver; celery aids bone health. 2) Food Prep: Pot-roast, braise, […]

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Daily consumption of sweets, cakes and unhealthy foods associated with acne

Poor dietary habits, increased stress and harsh skincare routines are among the most significant factors associated with acne, a new study has found. The research presented this month at the 28th EADV Congress in Madrid, evaluated the exposure to different worsening factors on acne more than 6,700 participants across six countries in North America, South America […]

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Research suggests strawberries and blackberries could help heal wounds

New research published in the journal of Food Research International has revealed that berries, especially strawberries and blackberries, could help wound healing. For centuries, honey has been used for wound healing, but the latest research suggests that berries could also be effective for those with sores, ulcers or other wounds. The new research analysed the anti-inflammatory and wound […]

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Want to reduce your depression risk? Increase your intake of fruit and veg!

Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables people eat lowers their risk of clinical depression, new research has found. The study discovered that eating, for example, four extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day can boost people’s mental health to such an extent that it can offset half the negative psychological impact of divorce […]