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Make 2019 the year of YOU and start living the life you really want

Get along to a Simple Art of Being You workshop this January and discover who you truly are and what you really want out of life 

“The most important question you can answer in life is ‘who am I’?” says coach Jane MacDowall.

Jane MacDowall

“When you find the answer, you are free to start living the truest, strongest expression of yourself, living a life that is full of purpose and joy.

“Finding the answer begins with a deep knowledge of self, accepting and loving all you stand for, every last piece. We all have parts of ourselves that we left behind years ago, forgotten parts we loved, parts that complete us.

“Understanding who you are, gives you the freedom to create an identity beyond the one you see, an identity that is truly you.

“It helps you look at your life, take time out from your constant ‘doing’ and visualise what you truly want out of it.

“It gives you freedom to build a future you will be proud to look back on, a future without regret.”


Jane’s Simple Art of Being You workshops have been created to do just that… to help you discover ‘you’.

They have been designed to:

1) Show you what you need in life. 

2) Redefine your unique values 

3) Expose the beliefs that limit you and hold you back

4) Uncover the beliefs that empower you and propel you forward. 

5) Introduce you to all that makes you, you. 

“Discovering ‘you’, creates your true tomorrow because there is a future beyond the one you see, and it begins inside you,” says Jane.

Jane’s workshops run throughout the year, with the first of 2019 being held in Edinburgh on 19 and 20 January.

To find out more, or to book a place, visit the website.

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