Perfect food pairings to match Roqberry’s new herbal infusions

The master blenders at award-winning British tea brand Roqberry have unveiled six new teas perfect for leaf-lovers and foodies alike. They’ve also shared their top tasting tips to help us create the perfect afternoon tea!

First up, is Roqberry’s Banana Bee Rooibos Herbal Infusion, which really is the bee’s knees. Biscuity hits of rooibos are chased by mellow accents of banana and rounded off by sweet honey.

Top tasting tip: Goes beautifully with slices of fresh Alphonso mango, or try with suman latik (Filipino fried ricecakes) and caramel sauce.

Next is its Lemon Verbena Herbal infusion, a mellow, citrus celebration which combines the loveliest lemon flavours thanks to lemon verbena from South Africa and lemongrass from South Asia.

Top tasting tip: This tea’s smooth and exotic lemon flavours complement a refreshing plate of ceviche perfectly.

Roqberry’s Paradise Punch Green Tea, which will transport you to a tropical island (even if only through your senses), has notes of papaya, coconut, lemongrass and other faraway flavours.

Top tasting tip: Keep it tropical and munch on some fresh coconut pieces while you sip this tea.

Melon Berry Green Tea is a real thirst-quencher for all seasons. Merry melon and bright berry flavours combine to create a smooth, balanced sweet tea. You can taste summer in every sip.

Top tasting tip: Wonderful with a salad of summer fruits, a sprig of mint and a honey-lemon dressing.

Sencha Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea is made with Gyokuro plants.Also known as Jade Dew, they are shaded from the sun for three weeks before picking to make sure they retain their signature depth and intensity of flavour. Smooth umami flavours give way to accents of marine with aromas of buttered greens and sweet seaweed.

Top tasting tip: If you ever want to taste the season of spring, pour a cup of this top-grade Japanese favourite.

Chinese Trio – Chinese Black Tea Blend (Chinese Mao Feng Black Tea, Chinese Golden Monkey King Black Tea, Chinese Yunnan Black Tea).

Earthy and malty with a smoky-sweet frisson, this trio of prized Chinese ingredients takes the black tea tradition to heady new heights of flavour. Black tea lovers rejoice! This is a legendary tea and some say Golden Monkey King tea, which is one of the trio, was named after the monkeys who picked it. Others say the tea bestows the monkeys’ considerable strength and virility.

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