10 tips to prevent and manage back pain

Osteopath Garry Trainer, who is currently working with FlexiHerb, a traditional herbal medicine for the treatment of back pain, shares his top tips:

  1. Reduce weight, where possible – this will take some of the load off your back
  2. Practise the Alexander Technique, yoga or pilates – anything which stretches and strengthens the spine is to be encouraged but, as with any new exercise regime, please take it slowly
  3. Start at the feet – many back problems start at the feet so wear flat, well-fitting shoes with cushioned soles. Simple ankle rotations can prevent many foot and back problems
  4. Avoid sudden movements – try and plan your movement in your mind before moving if possible
  5. Try to reduce stress, anxiety and tension in your daily life – relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, can keep you more relaxed and less prone to back pain
  6. Get expert help – consult a professional to establish a diagnosis
  7. Try acupuncture – this age-old technique has been scientifically proven a one of the best forms of natural pain relief
  8. Massage – helps to stimulate blood circulation which, in turn, helps to keep the muscles supple and mobile
  9. Exercise – keeps the back strong and less likely to be problematic. Focus on your core muscles and core strength. Exercise balls are good for this
  10. Herbal remedies – try the likes of Flexiherb Muscle & Joint Pain Relief containing extract of Devils Claw, which has been traditionally used to help relieve general aches and pains in the muscles and joints, including back pain.

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