Download your free 6-week decluttering plan to boost mental health and wellbeing

Did you know that decluttering your surroundings can have a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing?

According to the Plastic Box Shop, mess and clutter can have the following effects on our mental health and happiness:

  • It increases our cortisol levels which can lead to stress, anxiety and long-term mental health problems
  • It triggers subconscious coping and avoidance strategies which make us crave unhealthy comfort food
  • It can be a visual distraction that can overload or drain our cognitive resources, affecting our memories
  • It can affect how our bodies fight illness, so we’re more likely to get viruses, diabetes and heart disease
  • It affects sleep quality and ability to fall sleep, which can decrease our focus, energy levels, and mood.

The Plastic Box Shop has created the following easy-to-use 6-week decluttering plan to help declutter and organise your home.

Download the printable version here.

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