Lynda Hamilton Parker is a Scottish PR expert and independent publisher
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Coping with anxiety – a holistic toolkit to bring back calm

Holistic Scotland Magazine columnist Marie O’Neill, who is a counsellor and mindfulness coach and founder of True Connection based in Edinburgh, has launched her own holistic toolkit for coping with anxiety. “Anxiety is horrible! There’s no other way to put it,” she says. “It makes you feel awful physically and emotionally and it can have […]

Meditation & Mindfulness

In quarantine? Download the Namatata app for your free confinement meditation

Meditation app offers special session for those under quarantine With most of the world under quarantine, people are looking for ways to relax and accept their situation.  Meditation app Namatata is offering a special session that will remain free throughout the entire confinement period. Created in partnership with psychiatrist François Bourgognon, the French leader of […]

Meditation & Mindfulness

How to keep calm and work from home while in lockdown with your family or housemates

With many of us now forced into spending nearly all of our time at home with our families or housemates, award-winning hypnotherapist and life coach Malminder Gill shares some of her top tips for keeping a calm mind and keeping relationships healthy while balancing work from home. Have your own workspace A private and undisturbed workspace will help […]