EVENT: Wedgwood Wild Food Foraging Tour

Top chef Paul Wedgwood of Wedgwood the Restaurant is set to host a wild foraging tour of Midlothian in April 2019 to showcase Scotland’s natural larder.

Wedgewood Restaurant
Chef Paul Wedgwood

Paul, who is a passionate forager and lover of the great outdoors, will lead a group forage in the countryside near his award-winning restaurant on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in search of the very best wild, seasonal ingredients.

He says wild foraging is the ultimate in “local” and “seasonal” produce and is guaranteed to reawaken your senses to help you gain a greater appreciation of your environment and the provenance of ingredients.

On this one-day course you’ll uncover a secret world of natural edible possibilities and discover how to identify edible leaves, fruit and fungi. After a morning in the wilds of Midlothian you’ll return to the restaurant to dine on a menu inspired by the mornings identifications.

Wedgwood_foraging (8)
Foraging location

What to expect on the day


A basic run through of health and safety concerns, itinerary, and an introduction to foraging and its benefits to course participants.

Wedgwood_foraging (9)
Award-winning cuisine

Wild Food Adventure

You will learn how to identify numerous wild edible plants and how to cook and prepare them safely; how to sustainably forage; and experience how foraging reconnects you to landscape and the natural world.

Wild Dining Room

After the forage you will return to the restaurant to enjoy a wild foraged lunch.

Location: Edinburgh

Date: Sunday 28 April 2019

Times: 10am – 4pm

Price: £100 per person

To book, call 0131 558 8737. 

Wedgwood the Restaurant

EVENT: Wellbeing in the West End

Wellbeing in the West End will offer three days of self-exploration, nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation and mindfulness between 11 and 13 January 2019

If you live in the Capital and are looking to shape up, detox, chill out or become more mindful this January, get along to Edinburgh West End’s first ever wellbeing festival!

Local health professionals are coming together to host Wellbeing in the West End on 11, 12 and 13 January – when they’ll be offering a range of workshops and classes at different venues throughout the district – and they’re inviting you to join them.

The £20 ticket price, which will help to raise money for The Joshua Nolan Foundation and The Rock Trust, includes access to all activities, classes, workshops and talks – each of which have been designed to help nurture and nourish your own wellness.

According to organisers, the three-day celebration of self-exploration, nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation and mindfulness will be like nothing Edinburgh West End has ever seen before. The itinerary features a series of different talks, covering the likes of goal setting and managing anxiety, and exhibitors will showcase a range of health and wellbeing products and services, such as organic food, jewellery, crystals and therapies, at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.

wellbeing festival Saturday-2Wellbeing festival Sunday-3

Beneficiary The Rock Trust works with homeless and socially excluded youngsters aged 16 to 25 across Edinburgh and the Lothians. Meanwhile, The Joshua Nolan Foundation believes it’s possible to prevent every suicide. The charity offers support, training and advice to people living in Scotland of all ages and gender identity, who may identify as being ‘at risk’ or affected by suicide.

Holistic Scotland Magazine stockist Calm on Canning Street is one of the West End venues taking part.

“We are so excited about this event, which combines all the things we love: community, self-care and self-kindness,” says Calm on Canning Street founder Katy Lomas (pictured).


“We wanted to make this accessible and affordable for everyone and we are delighted to be able to support two very special local charities doing amazing work within our community, as well as support local therapists, wellbeing practitioners and promote all the amazing businesses within the West End.”

For tickets, click here 

Or, to find out more, check out the Facebook page 



The great outdoors

Make 2019 the year of YOU and start living the life you really want

Get along to a Simple Art of Being You workshop this January and discover who you truly are and what you really want out of life 

“The most important question you can answer in life is ‘who am I’?” says coach Jane MacDowall.

Jane MacDowall

“When you find the answer, you are free to start living the truest, strongest expression of yourself, living a life that is full of purpose and joy.

“Finding the answer begins with a deep knowledge of self, accepting and loving all you stand for, every last piece. We all have parts of ourselves that we left behind years ago, forgotten parts we loved, parts that complete us.

“Understanding who you are, gives you the freedom to create an identity beyond the one you see, an identity that is truly you.

“It helps you look at your life, take time out from your constant ‘doing’ and visualise what you truly want out of it.

“It gives you freedom to build a future you will be proud to look back on, a future without regret.”


Jane’s Simple Art of Being You workshops have been created to do just that… to help you discover ‘you’.

They have been designed to:

1) Show you what you need in life. 

2) Redefine your unique values 

3) Expose the beliefs that limit you and hold you back

4) Uncover the beliefs that empower you and propel you forward. 

5) Introduce you to all that makes you, you. 

“Discovering ‘you’, creates your true tomorrow because there is a future beyond the one you see, and it begins inside you,” says Jane.

Jane’s workshops run throughout the year, with the first of 2019 being held in Edinburgh on 19 and 20 January.

To find out more, or to book a place, visit the website.


Win a Celtic Herbal Exotic Wood & Ylang Ylang bathtime bundle

**Please note this competition is now closed. Our lucky winner was reader Paula King**

Celtic Herbal has been on a mission this Autumn to revive good, old-fashioned bath night. The natural soap and skincare specialist even launched the Great British Bath Night campaign (28 October – 6 November) to help remind people what they were missing – and, in the process, unearthed some little-known facts about bathing.

Did you know, for example?

  • Most people believe a shower saves more water than a bath, but with more powerful, longer-lasting showers this is not always the case. An average bath uses 80 litres of water, while an eight-minute power shower uses 136 litres.
  • Research conducted by Loughborough University found that lying in a 40 degree bath also effectively reduces blood sugar levels.  The study suggested an hour spent in the tub can also burn around 126 calories – that’s as many calories as 30 minutes out walking.
  • Whole-body immersion bathing in warm water (~40°C) is common in Japan and exerts sufficient hyperthermic action to induce vasodilatation and increase blood flow, supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the periphery. Cross-sectional studies report better subjective health status with an immersion bathing habit.
  • Visual analog scale scores were significantly better for fatigue, stress, pain, and smile and tended to be better for self-reported heath and skin condition after bathing intervention than after showering intervention. The SF-8 Health Survey showed significantly better general health, mental health, role emotional, and social functioning scores.
  • Profile of Mood State scores were lower for stress, tension-anxiety, anger-hostility, and depression-dejection. Immersion bathing, but not shower bathing, exerts hyperthermic action that induces increased blood flow and metabolic waste elimination, which may afford physical refreshment. Immersion bathing should improve both physical and emotional aspects of quality of life.
  • Habitual hot water bathing protects cardiovascular function in the middle-aged to elderly.
  • We spend a total of more than six months of our lives in the bath or shower.

Win a Celtic Herbal bathtime bundle

Holistic Scotland Magazine has a Celtic Herbal Exotic Wood & Ylang Ylang bathing bundle from the brand’s Wellness range to give away to one lucky winner to help their bathtime become more relaxing and therapeutic.

The prize includes:

    • 1 x Exotic Wood & Ylang Ylang Soap 100g
    • 1 x Exotic Wood & Ylang Ylang Bath Oil 100ml
  • 1 x Exotic Wood Bath Salts with Ylang Ylang 350g

To be in with a chance of winning, just fill out your details below and we’ll enter you into the prize draw. The closing date for entries is 12 noon on 31 December 2018. Good luck!

For great herbs to use in the bath, pick up a copy of the December/January issue of Holistic Scotland Magazine. Or, to find out more about Great British Bath Night and why bathing is so good for us, head to the Celtic Herbal blog.


How to cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Online bed and sleep specialist Time 4 Sleep shares some winter self-care tips for coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) 

First of all, what is SAD?

SAD is a depressive illness that’s often triggered by the lack of sunlight in winter. This can affect the hormone levels in the part of the brain which controls sleep, mood and appetite.

How can you overcome SAD when it hits you?

  1. Adjust your routine

Shorter days can play havoc with your daily routine which, in turn, can affect your sleep pattern and your mood. Getting up in the morning can be difficult when it’s pitch black, so to help you get motivated why not: make a ‘to-do’ list for the day or go outside for a walk? A hot drink with your favourite breakfast can also get your day off to a great start.

Try to adjust your routine accordingly to keep yourself happy and healthy throughout the autumn and winter months. If possible, allow yourself a little more time in the evenings to enjoy relaxing and unwinding before the sun goes down. Perhaps have your meal a little earlier so you have more time to enjoy the evening or treat yourself to an extra hour in bed on a Saturday morning so you’re waking up to the sunlight.

2. Get more light in your day

Whether it’s a walk in the morning or on your lunch break, every extra minute of vitamin D can make a huge difference. Light therapy is a popular treatment for those who suffer with SAD, with an effectiveness rate of 85%*, and can work with only 30 minutes use per day for two weeks. Regular exercise and a balanced diet with foods rich in serotonin-boosting nutrients, such as dark chocolate, salmon and mushrooms, will also help you to feel your best.

3. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital in allowing you to function properly throughout the day and increases your overall mood. Try sticking to the same bedtimes and keep the same sleep routine for the autumn and winter months. Eight hours a night is the recommended amount and will leave you feeling the most refreshed and productive the next day.

Making sure you’re sleeping on the right mattress is important for sleeping through the night. Time 4 Sleep director Jonathan Warren says: “Mattresses have a big part to play in the quality of your sleep. Make sure you try and test a few varieties, as everyone’s needs are different depending on their preferences and health needs. It’s definitely one of those products that’s worth investing in.”