Healthy Eating

  • Otro launches Edinburgh’s first fully flexitarian menu
    Vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and omnivores can now enjoy stress-free dining together at Otro Restaurant in the West End. To coincide with Veganuary, the award-winning Edinburgh restaurant has carefully crafted a menu with 18 new seasonal dishes to suit the widest range of dietary requirements. Otro’s Flexitarian À La Carte menu combines a variety of veggie … Read more
  • Mindful drinking for Dry January
    Whether you're doing dry January, don't drink, or just want to avoid the hangovers in 2020, here are some botanical spirits that taste great and are alcohol free While 2019 was another great year for gin, sobriety is fast-becoming the trend of the new decade. Despite 2018 seeing the opening of Scotland's first gin botanical … Read more
  • The health benefits of drinking tea
    An old-fashioned brew could be just the tonic this Winter. Thanks to its health-boosting properties, two cups a day could even save your life… Tea really is the best drink of the day – not just because of its refreshing taste, but because of its powerful ability to improve our general wellbeing. Scientists are finding … Read more
  • How to have a healthy gut and boost your immunity
    Good digestive (gut) health is the cornerstone of our immune system, helping to fend off illnesses and help us thrive. It will come as no surprise, then, that looking after our guts and understanding a bit more about what they do for us is an important part in staying healthy. Kick-started the moment we start … Read more
  • 7 nutrition-based anti-ageing secrets
    CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) Natural Chef and Nutritional Therapist Tasha D'Cruz shares her 7 secrets 1) Colourful vegetables offer vital nutrients, including antioxidants. Leafy greens, pumpkin and sweet potato strengthen immunity; berries, onions and legumes deter allergies and viruses; broccoli and cauliflower support the liver; celery aids bone health. 2) Food Prep: Pot-roast, braise, … Read more
  • Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival to return in 2020
    Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival is set to return to the Assembly Rooms on 1ST and 2nd of February for another packed weekend of talks, classes and workshops to help us all lead healthier and happier lives. The festival will feature some of the biggest names in wellbeing, covering everything from plant-based diets, physical fitness and yoga, to menopause, mindfulness, mental health … Read more
  • The Mouse’s Favourite: Vegan cheese tasting in Kirkcaldy
    Cheese loving Fifers are being urged to get along to a special plant-based cheese tasting event at Health Food & More in Kirkcaldy this Saturday (2 November) to discover new, dairy-free alternatives. Vegans and cheese lovers alike are invited to join in the free tasting session between 10am and 5pm to sample alternative, artisan ‘cheeses’ … Read more
  • Research suggests strawberries and blackberries could help heal wounds
    New research published in the journal of Food Research International has revealed that berries, especially strawberries and blackberries, could help wound healing. For centuries, honey has been used for wound healing, but the latest research suggests that berries could also be effective for those with sores, ulcers or other wounds. The new research analysed the anti-inflammatory and wound … Read more
  • Healthy desserts: Cacao Orange Torte
    Norma Gray of New Norm in Edinburgh – who specialises in making and delivering healthy, homemade, plant-based meals – shares her recipe for Cacao Orange Torte Ingredients (serves 10-12) Base: 300g flaked almonds 7 tbsp cacao powder 200g medjool dates 75g maple syrup 2 oranges; zest & juice Topping: 4x avocados 2 large orange; zest … Read more
  • Foods to help you beat the heat
    Heatwave alerts have been issued for parts of the UK ahead of 33C weather this bank holiday. Here, Ubamarket reveals 5 of the best foods to help you beat the heatWatermelonWatermelon is a refreshing fruit which is perfect for the whole family. Not only is watermelon extremely delicious, but it is also packed with nutrition to … Read more
  • Scotland’s first Foraging Fortnight reveals festival programme
    The programme for Scotland's first ever Foraging Fortnight, which runs from 31 August till 15 September, has officially been launched! This brand new festival, whose activities include woodland walks, wild food feasts, wellness workshops and foraged cocktails, is set to bring together more than 100 different events from across Scotland's five diverse regions. Professional seaweed … Read more
  • VegfestUK returns to Olympia London for 7th year
    The UK's biggest vegan festival – VegfestUK – will return to the Olympia London for its 7th consecutive year on October 26 & 27, 2019. Since 2003, VegfestUK has led the way in creating dynamic uplifting vegan festivals, inspiring countless other vegan events across the globe, and playing a central part in the current rise … Read more
  • Too many sugary drinks could increase your risk of cancer
    Just two cans of soft drink per week could increase your cancer risk by 18% according to a new, French study. The study has been published in the British Medical Journal – revealing there may be a link between the amount of sugary drinks (including fruit juices and fizzy drinks) consumed and an individual's risk of … Read more
  • Everything you need to know about the keto diet
    Water for Health's Ronnie McCluskey explores why the keto diet is gaining such traction in both the medical and celebrity worlds The keto diet is a really popular nutritional regime which helps slimmers lose weight fast. It's low in carbohydrates and high in fat, with moderate amounts of protein. Few people know, however, that the … Read more
  • Why one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to men’s nutrition
    We all know it's important to eat well and have a balanced diet, but did you know that men and women's nutritional needs can vary greatly? That's why it's important to get the levels right – especially at different times in your life.“When it comes to wellness throughout a man’s life, one size certainly doesn’t … Read more
  • 10 reasons to add Jujube fruit to your diet
    If you've been to any Holistic Scotland Magazine events recently, or visited us at the Just V and Allergy & Free From or Scottish Hair & Beauty Show, you might have picked up a little packet of Red Dates from Abakus Foods. We fell in love with these healthy, vegan snacks at first taste and … Read more
  • Wake Up To Organic and claim your free mini-breakfast in Edinburgh or Glasgow
    Independent businesses in Edinburgh and Glasgow will be throwing open their doors next Wednesday (12 June) for ‘Wake Up To Organic’, a campaign designed to celebrate organic food and showcase how easy it is to make the switch. They'll be offering free, organic mini-breakfasts as part of Organic UK's nationwide event, which will see nearly … Read more
  • Want to reduce your depression risk? Increase your intake of fruit and veg!
    Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables people eat lowers their risk of clinical depression, new research has found. The study discovered that eating, for example, four extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day can boost people’s mental health to such an extent that it can offset half the negative psychological impact of divorce … Read more
  • Shotts free-from bakery scoops an award
    If you suffer from food allergies or intolerances and still enjoy a sweet treat, rest assured you can trust in free-from cakes and biscuits from Scotland's Lazy Day Foods. The driving force behind the free-from bakery in Shotts have been crowned Entrepreneurs of the Year in the 2019 Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards. Dr … Read more
  • Eat to beat the menopause
    Menopause symptoms can start in the mid-40s (or earlier for some women) and include changes in the frequency or heaviness of your periods, premenstrual tension, mood swings and irritability. As your body produces less and less oestrogen, other symptoms might appear, such as aching joints, depression, lack of energy, declining libido, weight gain, headaches and, … Read more