Natural Remedies

  • New Kingdom Community Herbal Clinic helps low income families access complementary health
    A new Kingdom Community Herbal Clinic is set to launch in Fife this Friday (24 January) to help people on lower incomes access the benefits of herbal medicine. The new clinic, which is being rolled out by Health Food & More in Kirkcaldy, is set to make professional, natural health advice more accessible to everyone … Read more
  • 8 ways to reduce your dementia risk
    Dementia affects around 50 million people worldwide and there are 10 million new cases every year. Worse yet, the number of people with dementia is projected to reach 82 million in 2030 and 152 million in 2050 “Although you can’t avoid getting dementia, there are a number of risk factors that may increase the likelihood of developing some types … Read more
  • 20% off Vitamin D for Holistic Scotland Magazine readers
    Are you getting enough vitamin D? SunVit-D3 answers some commonly asked questions Q: What is vitamin D and what does it do? A: Vitamin D3 is produced naturally in the skin when it’s exposed to sunlight. You can also get it through certain foods. Although classified as a vitamin, D3 cleverly transforms into a hormone … Read more
  • A night of passion (flower) could be the answer to a good night’s sleep
    If you want a good night’s sleep, forget a night of passion and instead reach for a cup of passion flower tea! Scientists have found that passion flower tea can improve our quality of sleep. Their study reported: “These initial findings suggest that the consumption of a low dose of Passiflora incarnate (passion flower), in the form … Read more
  • How to boost your Winter immunity in 10 easy steps
    Don’t get caught out by colds and flu this winter, act now to build up your body’s natural defences! Get plenty of sleep Sleep is when our bodies release important hormones, restock energy stores and battle infections so getting a good night’s kip is essential. 2. Eat well A diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables … Read more
  • 6 ways to stay energised when the clocks go back
    With the clocks going back next Sunday (27 October) you may be looking forward to that extra hour in bed, but this small change could actually significantly impact your health, so we’ve asked our experts for their top tips in staying well rested and energised during the shorter winter days. 1. Winter munchies Do you feel … Read more
  • Don’t miss: Magical Herbalism Weekend with Elisabeth Brooke
    Join herbalist and author Elisabeth Brooke for a two-day Magical Herbalism Weekend in Scotland where all you need is an open mind and willing heart. The weekend will take place at Old Lathrisk near Freuchie on Saturday, 16 and Sunday, 17 November 2019 and draw on the teachings in Elisabeth's book Traditional Western Herbal Medicine. … Read more
  • Is it time to consider natural alternatives for diabetes?
    Pharmacists in the UK have warned of shortages for every major type of medicine – including those prescribed for diabetes. In fact, more than a fifth (22 percent) said they had faced diabetes drugs’ shortages. With this, as well as the often-severe side effects that accompany such drugs, could it be time to consider natural … Read more
  • How to cope if dark evenings make you SAD
    According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 15 people in the UK are affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) between September and April every year. Although it can affect people all over the world, it’s extremely rare for those who live within 30 degrees of the equator to suffer from SAD due to the … Read more
  • 10 unusual ways to beat a cold naturally
    If you’ve had enough of trying the usual methods for getting rid of your cold without much luck, nutritional therapist Julie Silver, author of 'Food Awakening – Nutrition For NOW!', has 10 natural ways to help that you might not have thought have before… Avoid artificial additives, sugar, alcohol and dairy products.If you’re hungry eat … Read more
  • New! Plant wax massage candles
    We are super excited to expand to the Holistic Scotland Naturals range of organic, vegan skincare and remedies with the launch of our new plant wax candles! The votives, which have cotton wicks and an approximate burn time of 20 hours, are infused with only pure essential oils and are available in Calm (lavender), Cleanse … Read more
  • The power of essential oils
    Rhiannon Yee writes about the effects of essential oils on our skin and on our minds I’ve long been fascinated with the way in which smells have the eerie power to instantly transport you back to a time, place, or even specific person -such as how a sniff of nutmeg makes me ache for my … Read more
  • The benefits of drinking hibiscus tea
    The hibiscus flower looks beautiful, but it has more attributes than just its appearance. Whilst relatively unknown in the UK, hibiscus tea is popular in many countries around the world, from Mexico to Egypt, not only for its cranberry like taste but also because of links to weight loss. Following a study published late last … Read more
  • How to treat Summer skin issues with Tea Tree Oil
    Dr Wendy Denning shares her top uses for Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Manuka Honey Balm, which is available from Boots and all good, independent health stores Bites and stings – Tea Tree Oil's strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties prevent bacteria from entering the wound, as well as fighting off any infection the insect may be … Read more
  • How to understand your own pain before going to the GP
    Many pain sufferers know that understanding and learning how to describe pain to the doctor can be difficult. That's why it’s important you know as much about your pain as possible before heading to your GP, as this prevents repeat appointments and misdiagnosis. Tracking when the pain occurs, identifying triggers and learning how to describe … Read more
  • New 20p-a-day Ashwagandha supplement could reduce stress by 44%
    Do you suffer from stress, lack of sex drive, joint pain, sleep and energy issues? You're not alone. in fact, one in five Brits complain about having a lack of ‘vitality’ on a daily basis. But don't worry because Nature's Way has found the answer – and it lies in Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) , the Ayurvedic … Read more
  • What’s the difference between herbal medicine and homeopathy?
    Columnist and medical herbalist Pamela Spence explains… Herbal Medicine Herbal medicine uses any part of a plant to create medicine. It might be the flower, leaf, stem, bark, root, berry, fruit. You name it, a herbalist will use it. Herbal medicines come in many forms. The most common are tinctures (alcohol extracts), infusions (often called … Read more
  • Pollen got you down? 8 herbal remedies for hay fever
    Columnist and Medical Herbalist Pamela Spence MNIMH reveals which herbs are our allies in the fight against hay fever Hay fever – it’s the bane of nearly one in three people in the UK. Doctors are reporting a spike in cases this year and it is predicted that double the number will be affected by … Read more
  • Vision-boarding for personal and professional growth
    Join the Holistic Scotland Magazine team for our next Connections event at The Ecology Centre in Kinghorn on Wednesday, 31 July! We'll be joined by Alison Smith of Landscaping Your Life for a workshop in vision-boarding, accompanied by zero-alcohol alt-gin tasting. Author Alison Smith A vision board – which is generally a collage of images, … Read more
  • Essential oils for travel, jetlag and fatigue
    If you're anxious traveller, don't leave home without some soothing aromatherapy in your travel kit. SOiL Organic Aromatherapy recommends the following essential oils: Frankincense – great for jet lag, as it reduces stress, boosts the immune system, eases digestion, calms nerves and acts as a sleep aid. It's also an astringent which can kill bacteria and germs. … Read more