Serenity Votive – Rose Geranium



Clear and calming with its floral notes, our Serenity votive is made from plant wax and is infused with pure rose and geranium essential oils which can be useful for relieving stress and anxiety. The candle is organic, vegan and true cruelty free, with a burn time of around 20 hours and can be used for massage (by qualified massage therapists only).

To use (for massage): Before lighting, make sure the candle is clear of obstructions, is on a level, non-flammable surface, and in a room which is draft-free.

The candle should then be allowed to burn for around an hour prior to treatment. Do not leave unattended.

After an hour burn time, you should have enough of an oil pool to use during treatment. Take your candle glass by the base and poor a pool of oil (about the size of a 2p) into the other cupped hand.

Then rub both hands together and massage into the skin. Keep the warm wax oil moving to stop it  re-setting and to give you enough moisture to glide smoothly over the skin.


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