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7 nutrition-based anti-ageing secrets

CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) Natural Chef and Nutritional Therapist Tasha D’Cruz shares her 7 secrets 1) Colourful vegetables offer vital nutrients, including antioxidants. Leafy greens, pumpkin and sweet potato strengthen immunity; berries, onions and legumes deter allergies and viruses; broccoli and cauliflower support the liver; celery aids bone health. 2) Food Prep: Pot-roast, braise, […]

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Could reishi mushrooms hold the key to anti-ageing?

In ancient China, emperors were the only people allowed to eat reishi mushrooms. Dubbed ‘the mushroom of immortality’, they were incredibly rare and thought to be able to extend life. Now, it’s thought that there may be more to their life-extending properties than just myth. New research published this month shows that scientists have been […]