How to eat chocolate more mindfully and savour every moment

Chocolate and Love, whose award-winning dark chocolate is organic, Fairtrade and ethically produced, shares its tips for achieving the ultimate chocolate tasting experience

Place a piece of chocolate in the middle of your tongue and allow it to melt slowly. Coat your whole mouth with chocolate so all your taste buds are activated.

If you chew, less flavours will be released. Look for fruitiness, acidity, sweetness or bitterness. Note how the flavour can change during the seconds you’re tasting. There’s a distinct beginning, middle and end. Like a little flavour journey, with different notes emerging at each phase. The texture should be smooth and velvety, not gritty. Fine chocolate has a long and pleasant aftertaste.

6 Vegan Bars

There are more than 400 different natural flavour notes in chocolate which become infused in the cacao bean. What do you taste?

Here are some examples:

FRUIT red berries, black berries, banana, passion fruit, raisin
FLOWER rose, jasmine, orange flower
SPICES pepper, licorice, cinnamon, vanilla
ROASTED tobacco, tea, cocoa, roasted nuts, caramel
NUT fresh nuts
DRY wood, soil, leather, hay
OTHER milk, mushrooms, olive, bread, honey

Remember to cleanse your palate with water between tasting different chocolate.

For more chocolate tasting and storage tips, visit Chocolate and Love.


Chocolate and Love scoops six more Great Taste Awards

Congratulations go to our friends at Chocolate and Love in Edinburgh who have just scooped a further six Great Taste Awards to add to their growing collection.

The team won high praise for its two newly-launched flavours: Pomegranate and Madagascar, which scooped 2-star and 1-star awards respectively.

Rich Dark, Coffee, Creamy Dark, and Orange were also honoured in what is believed to be the world’s largest and most trusted food awards.

Chocolate and Love GTA Awards 2018 social post

This year’s win brings Chocolate and Love, which has also landed Silver and Bronze awards from the Academy of Chocolate, to a total of 29 Great Taste Awards.

The brand has nine different flavours in the range and all nine have now won awards.

To be in with a chance of winning one of two gift boxes from Chocolate and Love, pick up a copy of the August/September magazine or subscribe to have it delivered directly to your door.


Indulge your senses with 10% off Pacari Chocolates!

With World Chocolate Day just around the corner (7 July), now is the time to indulge your senses and treat yourself to some seriously delicious (and perhaps even health-boosting) chocolate.

How about Ecuadorian dark chocolate infused with Passionfruit, Andean Rose, or Jasmine, for example? Those are just a few of the flavours in the Pacari range, which has a cacao content of 60% or higher, is organic, and demeter biodynamic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher and B Corp-certified.


Pacari, which is distributed in the UK by Fair Business Alliance based in Edinburgh, is a family-owned Ecuadorian company with a simple mission: producing the highest quality organic chocolate in the world in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.

The company is all about making the most of nature’s ingredients while protecting and defending her. Its partnerships include a collaboration with WWF Ecuador to protect the jaguar, river dolphin and tapir – all of which are native to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

Pacari Chocolates are produced from ‘Tree to Bar’, with the whole production process taking place in Ecuador, a cacao bean growing country.

Pacari supports around 3,500 families and local farmers in Ecuador by working directly with them and paying them a significant premium over market prices to make sure they are fairly compensated for their products and hard work.

As if its ethical credentials weren’t enough, Pacari has won more than 200 medals since 2012 at the International Chocolate Awards and we can confirm that the chocolate tastes AMAZING.

If you would like to try some for yourself, just visit the Pacari website and enter the code ‘CHOCDAY10’ to get 10% off. Enjoy!