Tips for a healthy, happy Christmas

Christmas is notoriously about indulging and ‘getting merry’ with those close to you – but it’s important to take a step back and think about your health, as well as the health of your family and friends, before the festive season starts.  Dr Hilary, GP & health broadcaster, shares his top tips… Avoid the temptations... Continue Reading →

Everything you never knew about beetroot

In Season: The Beetroot (Beta Vulgaris) Resident blogger Megan Mclean reflects on beetroot's magical history  The beetroot, or “beet” as it's commonly referred to, is actually comprised of two different sections: the taproot which is the main body of the vegetable, and the beet greens which are the colourful leaves shooting out of the top... Continue Reading →

How to avoid headaches at work

Dr Daniel Fenton, clinic director at London Doctors Clinic, shares his top 10 tips for warding off headaches and migraines at work  We have all suffered the discomfort of a headache at some point in our lives, but anyone who’s ever experienced migraines knows all too well the misery and suffering this condition can cause.... Continue Reading →

Link between diabetes and mouth cancer

New research has discovered that women who suffer from diabetes face a dramatically increased chance of developing mouth cancer. The research published in Diabetologia found that women have a 13% higher chance of developing oral cancer if they suffer from diabetes. Overall women faced a 27% increase of developing any form of cancer if they... Continue Reading →

What are sublingual supplements?

Water for Health shares the interesting backstory behind Frunutta, the Smaller Vitamin Company, whose sublingual tablets make it easier for those at risk of nutritional deficiencies, such as vegans, vegetarians and those with autism, to supplement their diets and stay healthy. Many companies have an interesting backstory, and Frunutta – the Smaller Vitamin Company –... Continue Reading →

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