Healthy Eating

Drink bottled water? Expect to consume 640,000 microplastics in ONE year

Around 79% of plastic produced since the 1950s is now in landfills or the environment – that’s 6.5 billion pieces currently filling the shores of our beaches and the stomachs of our wildlife. And while we may worry daily about this accelerating environmental crisis, we rarely stop to think about it could affect our bodies. […]

Meditation & Mindfulness

Spirituality could be good for your health

Spirituality is good for your health, according to the Spiritual Companions Trust, which is launching a new, nationwide spiritual health programme at the Findhorn Foundation this week. The new Your Spiritual Health Programme is said to offer a simple, accessible way for anyone to enjoy spiritual health and will officially launch with a free taster […]

Natural Remedies

Could Pukka Herbs bring us closer to finding a natural antibiotic?

Finding an effective, natural alternative to antibiotics could be much closer than initially thought – thanks, in part, to a new study being spearheaded by Pukka Herbs. Pukka Herbs has revealed it’s working with the University of Southampton on a clinical trial to test a natural alternative to antibiotics for people with seasonal colds and […]