Embodied cognition: How physical objects can help cement your meditation as a daily practise

The latest scientific research has shown that connecting your meditation to a physical object strengthens your practice – a process otherwise known as ‘embodied cognition’. It’s though that this connection between your meditation and a tangible object serves as a daily reminder of your intention, thereby reinforcing your practice.  Having something you can see and […]


Download your free Positive Change Yoga meditation

Mindfulness meditation is probably one of the most popular styles of meditation right now but there are others too, writes columnist Scott Hutchison McDade of Fife-based Positive Change Yoga, who has created a guided meditation specially for Holistic Scotland Magazine readers, which is available to download below The word mindfulness appears everywhere in the media, […]


Fife yoga teacher to bring Zen to homeless people on the streets of London

Fife yoga teacher and Holistic Scotland Magazine columnist Scott Hutchison-McDade is set to embark on an all-night outdoor meditation on the streets of London to help raise awareness of the Rough Waking project, which brings Zen yoga and meditation to those who are confined, imprisoned or homeless. Scott, who is the founder of Dysart-based Positive […]


Meditation myths debunked!

Forget everything you thought you knew about meditation… If you think meditating is all about mantras, lotus positions and long periods of concentration, think again. According to those-in-the-know, meditation can be super simple and there are styles to suit everyone, regardless how little time we have. The team behind MINDBODY, a top health and wellness […]


Revealed: The hottest fitness trends for 2019

As we enter another festive season of decadence and over-indulgence, some are already planning on how they can shift the extra pounds in the New Year, Nextatlas, a technology company that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to spot trends before they become mainstream, has revealed the top five emerging trends in health and fitness. ‘Wellness’ and ‘recovery’ […]